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Hey Tom, My gf (girlfriend), she dumped me kinda out of the ‘blue’ one day and let’s just say I was rather depressed. Honestly, being in the military makes it difficult to be with my girlfriend. I was embarrassed, because she was hanging out with this other guy alot. I stumbled upon your course and followed the plan (using your methods even at such a long distance apart) and it worked! I sent her that text when I got back to the states and the rest is success!

Thanks again,

Dave. UK

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Tom Daniels

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Tom, you sure earned that nickname "re-hitch" for sure. I’ve never been good with words, but your book fixed that (read it 3 times!). But the how to get your wife back advice works, if you work it. I believe will it will work for anyone to stop the rejection (in my case a serious divorce) and pull couples back together.

Thanks much,

Missouri George